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Recent far-reaching changes to the UK tax regime will impact you if you'll one day live in the UK. For instance, if your father was a British domicile on the day that you were born, you will now be now regarded as British domiciled as soon as you become UK resident - regardless of how...

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    • Philippa HuckleDespite Trump's hyperbole, only 18% of China's exports go to the United States ,
    • Philippa HuckleOxford Economics estimates that the number of Chinese middle class consumers will exceed the entire population of the U.S. by 2026 ,
    • Philippa HuckleBy 2030 India will be world’s biggest consumer: its middle class spending $12.8tn a year vs the US still at $4 trn ,
    • Philippa HuckleShifting economic base: by 2030 there will be more than 3billion middle-class consumers in Asia, from 525m today. ,
    • Philippa HuckleThe West will grow at 1 to 2 % a year thru until 2100, while the rest of the world will grow at 4 to 6% ,
    • Philippa Huckle22% of all male American workers are non-Hispanic whites aged 25 to 65 with no more than a high-school diploma. ,
    • Philippa HuckleSouth America's consumption set to quadruple over 10 years via population increase and increase in wealth, with 300m people under age 30 ,
    • Philippa HuckleTrump-proof: India's exports are just 2% of its GDP, compared with Mexico's 26% ,
    • Philippa HuckleSo much room for growth in India where 600 million people under are under age 25 and one million people enter the workforce each month ,
    • Philippa HuckleIn developing economies, every week 1.5 million people per week move from rural areas to urban cities ,
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