Australian tax planning

Crucial investment tax planning for wealthy Australians who’ll one day return home

Philippa 2Eventually it’s time to go back home.

After years in Hong Kong, many successful Australian expatriates have built a substantial net worth of assets and investments outside of Australia. Yet Australia’s tax regime bites much harder than Hong Kong’s – so tax on these assets has historically been the bitter pill for wealthy Australians returning home.

But now Australian taxation of foreign assets has changed.

Prior to returning, non-resident Australian expatriates can now structure the holding of their foreign investments to fully comply with Australian tax law – while legally and permanently eliminating Australian Capital Gains tax, Income tax and Wealth tax on their foreign investment assets.

These structures must be implemented before you become Australian resident.

You should attend this seminar if you plan to live in Australia in the future.

In this seminar Philippa Huckle will clearly and plainly explain how to properly implement these recent changes to substantially strengthen your own financial position.

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Date: Wednesday 18th October 2017
Venue: Suite 4606, Two Exchange Square, Central
Time: 12:30 - 2:00pm
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