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Crucial UK tax planning for future UK residents

Highly effective, fully compliant tax planning solutions for future UK residents

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Recent far-reaching changes to the UK tax regime will impact you if you’ll one day live in the UK.

For instance, if your father was a British domicile on the day that you were born, you will now be regarded as British domiciled as soon as you become UK resident – regardless of how many years you’ve lived outside of the UK or whether you consider Hong Kong your home.

As a returning UK domicile all of your worldwide assets will immediately become subject to UK Capital Gains, Income tax and Inheritance tax.

Fortunately, the British tax system still provides major (and fully compliant) tax planning benefits to non-UK residents.

However, these must be put in place before you become tax resident in the UK. All of these tax planning structures are fully compliant with UK tax law.

Generally, the earlier and better you implement proper, compliant planning the more significantly you will reduce your future UK tax bills.

In conjunction with the British Chamber of Commerce, in this seminar Philippa Huckle will clearly and plainly explain how to:

  • Correctly structure the way you hold your assets today, to permanently grow free of UK Capital Gains tax (even after your return).
  • Place your capital in structures that legitimately defer and reduce future UK Income tax liabilities for decades.
  • Intelligently plan ahead to pass on as much of your wealth as possible to the people you care about, by legally mitigating UK Inheritance tax.

You should attend this seminar if you plan to live in the UK at any time in the future.

We have years of experience in legal, effective UK tax planning.

Partnering with specialist UK-based accountants and tax lawyers, we provide a streamlined process from planning to execution, and from offshore to onshore, delivering you a seamless experience through your years in Hong Kong and on to your life in the UK.

Legal, legitimate tax planning is the only way to go. 

Please be aware that we begin advisory relationships with individuals who have a net worth exceeding USD 1 million (excluding property).

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Date: Thursday 21st September 2017
Venue: In conjunction with the British Chamber of Commerce
Time: 12:30 - 2:00pm

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