UK Tax Planning & Management

If you will one day live in the United Kingdom it’s crucial you establish the proper tax planning strategies well in advance of becoming a British tax resident.

The British tax system provides significant, fully compliant tax planning opportunities and advantages to people who will ultimately live in the UK but are not yet tax-resident.

However, these tax structures and strategies must be put in place before you become tax resident in the UK.

Generally, the earlier and better you implement proper, compliant planning the more significantly you will reduce your future UK tax bills.

Partnering with the highest quality accountants and tax lawyers in London, we provide a streamlined process from planning to execution, and from offshore to onshore, delivering you a seamless experience through your years in Hong Kong and on to your life in the UK.

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Please be aware that we begin advisory relationships with individuals who have a net worth in excess of USD 2 million, excluding property.